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Setting up NTP (client and/or server)


Check your timezone,

ls -lhF /etc/localtime

Make sure the ntpdate and ntp{d} packages are installed.

Manual sync for a starters

Setting up as client

Configure the NTP daemon e.g.,

cd /etc/
mv -i ntp.conf ntp.conf.dist
sed '/^$/d;/^#/d;' ntp.conf.dist > ntp.conf
vi /etc/ntp.conf

server iburst prefer

Start the NTP daemon and check with,

ntpq -p
ntpdc -c sysinfo


Setting up as server

Simply add a restrict line without nopeer noquery against the subnetwork you wanna allow,

restrict mask nomodify notrap

Don’t forget to setup the local clock as a fail-over, if internet connection goes down, so you still provide the service,

server # local clock
fudge stratum 10


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