MWE with basic features

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper]{article}

\title{let's have fun}





  • The geometry package is assumed, the a4paper option is passed to it.
  • You might also use Xelatex or Lualatex instead of utf8 inputenc.
  • The cquotes package goes together with the babel package.

The Bibliography

Use Biblatex and Biber instead of Bibtex,


In combination with footcite replacement (see below),


Define your bib files using addbibresource,



  • the .bib file extention is optional on e.g. here latex.bib.
  • babel=other is depreceted. Use autloang= instead.

After that, eventually switch to footnodes instead of end of document references,


Or simply print the bibliography at the end,



The last defined language becomes the default (here french),


Add this below the biblatex package definition,


Other Biblatex enhancements,


Eventually rename the bibloography section header,

\addto\captionsfrenchb{\renewcommand\refname{EnquĂȘte et bibliographie}}

Enabling Quotes and Quotations

Built-in quoting feature: \quote{} and \quotation{}.

With \usepackage{csquotes} (that goes with babel) you can use \begin{displayquote} or \enquote{quote here}.

With \usepackage{dirtytalk} you can use \say{quote here}.



Compile the shit,

latex latex
biber latex
latex latex
#eventually twice,
latex latex