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Choosing an old HP Compaq Business Notebook


I am talking of the HP Compaq business notebooks of the old school x3xx and x4xx series here (the ones with real sound volume buttons). This is the generation in between the Evo style and the newer 6910p, x5xx, x7xx series style, which was then followed by the Elitebook 1st generation (xx30) then Elitebook 2nd generation (xx40) series.

Which one has more CPU power ?

All of those possibly have a core 2 duo from T5500@1.66-GHz or T5600@1.83-GHz to T7600@2.33-GHz,

This one possibly has a Turion 64 Mobile or X2,

==> any of the core 2 duo will do unless you really want the hype of an AMD powered laptop

Which one has more RAM upgrade capabilities ?

This is all SODIMM DDR2 2x2GB shit tops. You can try 2x4GB tho (feedback), no garantee it will work.

Which one has the best graphics ?

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