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Setting up Budgie Desktop Env on Ubuntu

Beware of the upcoming Budgie Desktop Environment, it is a serious competitor to MS Windows and Apple OSX interfaces in terms of usability. Ubuntu is going to release a new version of Unity (current is v7, going for v8) but IMHO Budgie is way beyond and could be the new war-facing Desktop Env from the Open Source community. It is going to be available in the next Ubuntu release with apt install budgie but in the meanwhile you can use,

add-apt-repository ppa:budgie-remix/ppa
apt update
apt install budgie-desktop budgie-welcome

Note: do NOT install budgie-remix-desktop nor budgie-desktop-environment as it will turn the whole Ubuntu system around.

Do not forget to enable workspaces,

Top Panel // Add applet: Workspace Switcher

eventually change the menu icon,

Top Panel // Budgie Menu
Menu Icon /usr/share/icons/ubuntu-mono-dark/actions/24/package-supported.svg

and of course the appropriate keyboard shortcuts e.g.,

Settings -> Keyboard
Navigation // Switch to workspace 1 ... Alt-1
Navigation // Move to workspace 1 ... Super-1

enable alt-right-click to resize windows,

apt install gnome-tweak-tool
Start -> Tweaks
Resize with Secondary-Click: (enable)
Windows Action Key: Alt

#sudo apt install compizconfig-settings-manager
#window management > resize window button2->button3

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