Setting up or using pkgsrc


Do you want to use binary packages or build those from the pkgsrc tree?

If you want binary you may have to check online whether there are builds for the latest release yet, OR NOT.

To me, it looks like NOT only the MAJOR release version matters, but ALSO THE MINOR. For example mail/alpine did not run on NetBSD 7.1.2 although it was built for 7.0 ( not found).

uname -rpm

export PKG_PATH=""
#export PKG_PATH=""
#export PASSIVE_FTP=yes

and use it,

pkg_add lftp wget

from source

cd /usr/
ls -lhF | grep pkgsrc
progress -zf pkgsrc.tar.gz tar xf -

In case the tree is too recent compared to your system,

unset PKG_PATH
cd /usr/pkgsrc/bootstrap/


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