across France and Russia:



  • Layer 4 (BSD) fault-tolerant firewalls and NAT gateways
  • Layer 4 (BSD) vs Layer 5-7 (NGINX) fault-tolerant load-balancers
  • IPSEC VPN tunneling (BSD) for inter-office linkage

IT Infrastructures


  • Custom built XEN hosts and g - u - e - st s
  • P2V by any means to get rid of old servers
  • Migrating guest systems to other datacenters with no-downtime

DevOps & Helpdesk

  • Docker Swarm
  • Ceph object storage
  • Agile/SCRUM/Kanban tools e.g. IceScrum
  • Versioning and Continuous Integration with GitLab
  • Bug tracking and IT helpdesk with Redmine
  • Documentation Management Systems with either Gollum